life moves on

I love Spring - and everything it embodies more now than ever - because I need the hope. I need the light. I need some fresh air and warmth on my face so when the days get hard (as they sometimes do) I have something to remember, a new hope to cling too.

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the unexpected battle

That’s a hard place to be, discovering my own faults and failures that I cast onto her. Finding out that my daily battles aren’t always something else’s fault, that the issues of my heart are more of a consideration than I’ll believe them to be. The battles of motherhood might look different than you expect. 

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a home that's hard to love

Your space may be different; a tumble-down apartment that feels crooked and cheap. An old, small house that’s defined by neglect - or a giant, gorgeous space that still feels lonely and bare. Places that feel more like a box than like a home, or more like a cage than freeing stability. Can you picture a life in a space that you struggle to love?

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