raising a tribe in asheville, nc

I’ve always admired Danielle. She’s bold and confident, has the coolest garden, tends chickens and parents four incredible kids, each full of their own personalities. So when I got the chance to photograph an evening in their home, I was ecstatic. I knew the speed would be so much different than what I’m used to, being a mom of just one, and was so excited to see how their evening might unfold.

The sky was heavy with rainclouds, but we had just a few moments before it started really coming down to let the kids run around outside. Being outdoors is a big part of their lifestyle, from gardening to caring for their chickens to just running around and being kids - getting to incorporate just a quick piece of that was really fun.

Having six personalities under one roof has it’s challenges- we saw a lot of emotion and a few tears! But Danielle and Ben love on their kiddos like the best of them. Despite any drama whirling around, they were quick to comfort, to love, and patiently guide their kids through every interaction.

Bedtime seemed to come so quickly. The kids fell perfectly into their routine - soothing, sweet. The drumming footsteps and squeals of joy were replaced with running water, soft laughter, gentle voices reading books. The end of days, setting the tone for dreams to come.

Beautiful days.

xoxo, Veronica