a snowy day at lake junaluska

David and Savannah’s sweet baby girl turned nine months on the most magical day you could ask for. On that very day, we received closet to 18 inches of snow in the Waynesville area, surpassing our annual average and coating everything in thick, fluffy blankets of white.

So we stopped by Lake Junaluska to capture a few slow, beautiful moments.

Lake Junaluska is a special place to this family. They spend a lot of time here both together and separately, whether for prayer and reflection or walking the trail. The perfect location for these photos to take place.

Getting the intimate, close photos of a one on one relationship is important, and honestly one of my favorite things to photograph. Their sweet and perfect family of three is darling together, but those individual relationships are so important, too. Look at how well Savannah loves on her girl (do you see her calm in that mini-tantrum?!), and how quickly David brought a smile to her face! True, real joy. Moms and dads are just amazing.

Obsessed with this.

Beautiful days.

xoxo, Veronica.