a celebration of man's best friend.

Kelsey and William are special to us. Just last year, we had the immense honor of photographing their wedding and celebrating with them. When Kelsey reached out to me, in late spring, it was with much more somber news… their sweet dog, Dakota, had contracted cancer and only had weeks to live.

We found a date as soon as we could and I spent just a couple of hours at their home … no fuss, no pretense; just photographing a few moments with Dakota and his family.

Dakota joined the family by way of William - he was his dog before Kelsey was even in the picture. Now, after years together, he is seamlessly part of the family. Our evening was filled with casual play, all featuring Dakota’s favorite toys. A massive tennis ball drop (his favorite kind!), running in the yard with his brother and sister, and finally cuddling with his mom and dad inside their cozy home. They kept it easy, always following his lead and how he was feeling. Kelsey was sure to choose every action with intention based on what Dakota loved, and the kind of memories they already cherished together.

Dakota passed away July 2nd, 2019. Please keep his wonderful humans in your thoughts and prayers.

These were their beautiful days.

xoxo, Veronica