a cozy morning at home in western north carolina

When Jessie and Daniel agreed to let me take some photos of their family in their new home in the Smoky Mountains of WNC, it was truly an honor. I had only known them for a few weeks at the time, our friendship was brand new. But from the very beginning of knowing them, it was so evident how special this family was, how patient they seemed and tight-knit they were. Whatever it was that made them feel so connected - that’s what I wanted to photograph.

They invited me into their space that morning as if I was a long time friend, offering coffee and showing me what they had already done to make their treehouse mountain home more ‘them’. We took the moments slow, reminiscing about when Jessie and Dan first met, about their babies, about moving to their new-to-them home on top of a mountain, down a gravel road, immersed in a wonderland of trees and brush.

A favorite moment of mine was when Daniel grabbed Watership Down from the bookshelf to read aloud a portion of it. Books are a vital part of this family, a backbone of faith and inspiration for them. Watership Down happens to be one of Daniel’s all-time favorites - so it was only fitting that we would include it in a few short moments.

With the sun poking out from behind the thick trees, we decided to end outside to help their oldest one get a bit of her energy out- and incorporate a bit of their wonderland of a yard that makes me think of a magical fairy forest.

Beautiful days.

xoxo, Veronica