frequently asked questions

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How is this different from what you already do? 
What I already do is weddings + engagement sessions. I do LOVE that work, it’s beautiful and lovely and full of purpose. However. 

This is more intimate, this is more raw, this is more life unfolding rather than one single, anticipated event. I’m taking the same practices we use for our couples (very natural, laid back, documentary) and using them in your homes, your weekly hike, or wherever you do life. This is an observation of the day-to-day, something not crafted perfectly or fussed over or full of assumption. No, this is an invitation to be seen as who you are, where are you. The end result isn’t a preconceived notion of beauty but rather what that beauty looks like right now in front of you; a brief, visual documentary of your today.

So… who are these sessions for?
A N Y O N E. Big families, small families - in whatever way family looks like for you. What if ‘family’ is more about who we choose to do life with than merely relatives? What if home is less about your place of origin but rather your place of belonging? This is for the people with children, or multi-generational homes; this is for the couple living together, or the single woman carving her own identity for the first time. Regardless of what your family looks like in this season, this is crafted with you in mind.

What can we expect from our photography session?

Think laid back, think a cup of coffee in your hand, think both laughter and silence. Every family has a different personality, a different approach, a different lifestyle. The last thing I want to do is overshadow who you are and shape these photos into something other than you and what that looks like. So I follow your lead - photographing this hour as it unfolds naturally. 

I’ll encourage you into the best light - maybe. We’ll have conversation if the mood allows. If you feel awkward, I’ll gently guide you so you know what to do with your hands, but chances are you know exactly the best way to love on those closest to you.


What do I get from all this? Super gorgeous photos, of course!! :) I’ll send you a private, online gallery that you can directly access via your email. Through this gallery, it will be easy to download your photos to wherever you want! Included in all my packages is a reproduction release - essentially printing rights - so you can take these digital files and print them wherever, whenever you want. Good deal, right!?

How long will this take? Just an hour! I want to be respectful of your time and not invade too much of your day. However, if you have a infant or very young children we would plan in some extra time as we understand things may be put on hold or just need to press pause for a bit. Kids can be funky - I want to leave room for them and their needs!

How can we prepare?
Know your family. If you have older kids or toddlers, have a simple activity in mind for that time - whether it’s as routine as bedtime or your weekly pizza night. Making breakfast, coloring, board games, or cuddled up on the couch reading together- whatever your family normally does together is what I want to photograph. Pick one activity you love. That’s it. No matter what, definitely expect me to ask you to plop on the couch for a couple sweet kisses and big bear hugs. Anything that draws you close, anything that brings a smile, anything that gives an excuse for a little extra love is exactly what we hope to see.

Don’t hire a makeup artist, don’t buy new clothes, don’t stress over the dishes in the sink or your kid’s crazy wild hair. Do wear your favorite pair of yoga pants, definitely take some time to breathe, don’t worry about being anything other than fully in that moment.


What time of day is best? Whenever your family is happiest! ;) If we’re hanging out in your home, definitely request a time that your kiddos/loved ones will be in the best mood. If it happens to correlate with when light pours into your home, even better! If you having a specific spot outside you want to have photos done (the same trail you always explore, or your neighborhood street) then let’s aim for sunrise or sunset to get you the best light.

I really hate my double chin/extra weight on my arms/something else about myself. Will you fix it? Actually, I won’t. Why would I? This is how your family will remember you in this specific season - and they think you are undeniably beautiful, just how you are right now. So do I. There’s nothing to fix about you.

I don’t live in Western North Carolina - will you come to me?! I want this answer to be yes so badly! If you live in the Southeast USA, let me know your city and we’ll see what we can work out! It’s a dream to eventually be able to offer travel dates and come to you, wherever you are.

What do we need to do to book? Yay, so stoked! To get a session on the calendar, we’ll sign a contract together + pay the session fee in full. We’ll take care of all this via email, or I’m happy to meet you for coffee if you are in the Asheville/Waynesville area! Send me a message right here to get this process going!