A photographed, visual narrative with the people you love most, in the space that you do life. A brief account that covers just an hour of time - your story, presented wholly and truly. The poetry of moments, captured; the art of a hug preserved. No fuss. No ‘we’re better than this’ or ‘this is what I wish I was.’ Just your real, thoughtful, beautiful days.

A narrative of you.



just one question…

What does your every day look like?

It’s probably sweeter than you remember. It’s probably a bit messy and a bit chaotic- but also a little bit beautiful. We forget that, don’t we? In the rush to take the kids here and there, between leaving work and getting something on the table for dinner, in the midst of toddler tantrums and arguments with our teenagers. We forget that our days - as full as they are - are filled with so much beauty.

Simple things.


This is for you.

For the working parent, for the tired mama. For the family with endless kids running wild, for the family with one child dear to their soul. For the ones with teenagers at home, or the newest babes. For the blended family, for those who break stereotypes. The single soul living in independence, the couple that’s wild and free. No matter what season, what stage, or what home, this is created for you. Because I hold to the firm belief that every family is beautiful, every family is special, and every season of life has something worth documenting.

I don’t want to photograph anything that’s inauthentic to you - gorgeous fields with beautiful dresses are great, but let’s think a bit more intimate, a bit more real life, a bit more hopeful.

There’s beauty to be found in your days, my friend.

Let me find it for you.


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